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Reasons For Cutting Vibration Generated By Machining Center And Elimination Methods

Sep 17, 2019

Cutting vibration is a large machining problem for the daily operation of the machining center. For thin-walled parts, if the vibration is large, there will be intense vibrations with amplitudes exceeding tens of μm, usually accompanied by large noise. Although this can also be processed, the machined surface tends to have significant vibration scratches, which is not allowed for the finished surface requirements of thin-walled parts.

The hazards of cutting vibration are far more than these. We know that if vibration is generated during machining, the relative displacement between the tool and the workpiece will cause vibration marks on the machined surface, which will inevitably seriously affect the surface quality and performance of the part; The process system will continue to withstand the dynamic alternating load, the tool is extremely easy to wear, and the connection characteristics of the machining center are damaged. In severe cases, the cutting process cannot be continued, and the service center and the service life of the tool are affected in severe cases. In addition, high-decibel harsh noise is generated in the vibration, which causes damage to the health of the operator.


Eliminate the cutting vibration should find a way to find the way from the tool. First of all, the principle that the cutting force will be minimized should be followed to ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge of the tool to reduce the cutting force. The sharpness of the cutting edge should be ensured regardless of whether the knife has no coating. In addition, suitable methods are used for different types of machining. For example, a slender shank to cut a slender shaft part should use a 90 degree main yaw tool; a face milling cutter uses a sparse unequal length milling cutter to reduce milling vibration; the smaller the blade edge angle is when the inner hole is boring it is good. Finally, the static rigidity of the reinforced tool should be considered, using a solid carbide or heavy metal shank.

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