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Saw Blade Machining Accuracy

Aug 20, 2019

The Saw Blade is installed in the state of the CNC machine tool, the spindle is free from deformation, no jump, no fixed installation, no vibration, etc. During the processing, not everything is high-precision, no damage is completed, there will be some faults. The following ALLES CNC takes you through the causes and solutions.


First, the section is skewed

The reason:

1. The saw blade tension is too small;

2. The side rails are worn too much;

3. The distance between the guide arms is too large;

4. The cutting feed is too large;

5. Saw blade abnormal wear

6. The side of the saw blade is irregular;

7. The saw blade of the saw is slack.


1. Adjust the tension of the saw blade to normal (18~22kgf/mm2);

2. Replace the side guide wheel;

3. Check the wear of the side guide wheel;

4. Try to make the movable side guide arm close to the side of the saw;

5. Appropriate adjustment of feed rate;

6. Adjust the cutting speed appropriately, or replace it with a band saw blade with a high-grade saw blade;

7. Confirm the side guide wheel and the carbide piece to replace the parts that are too expensive to wear;

8. Fix the sawed workpiece so that it is no longer shaken;

9. Pay special attention to the whole beam cutting.

Second, the rough section

The reason:

1. The saw blade pitch is too large;

2. The cutting feed rate is too large;

3. Abnormal wear of the saw blade;

4. The sawing machine is too vibrating.


1. Replace the saw blade with a proper pitch or reduce the feed rate;

2. Appropriate adjustment of feed rate;

3. Confirm the cutting conditions and the sawn workpiece, and replace it with a band saw blade with a high-grade saw blade;

4. Confirm the slack and partial wear of the guide arm and pulley;

5. Make adjustments and repairs.

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