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Select Rules To Follow For NC Milling Machine

Nov 06, 2018

There are many kinds of CNC milling machines and many models. Different CNC milling machines are suitable for different parts processing. Therefore, many friends do not know what kind of CNC milling machines can meet or achieve the requirements of the workpiece. Here are the four principles of choice.
First, according to the size of the workpiece selected
The workbench width of the small CNC milling machine is mostly below 400mm, which is suitable for processing small and medium-sized parts; The worktable size of medium and large processing center is more than 500 ~ 600mm, which is suitable for large size parts processing.
Second, choose CNC milling machine according to the precision of machining workpiece
For the precision standard of CNC milling machine has been established in the country, the general NC milling machine can meet the machining of most parts, but for the high machining accuracy requirements, we must consider the precision type of CNC milling machine.
Third, according to the characteristics of processing workpiece to choose
Some workpieces are not equal in height, and some are curved surface outlines. According to the geometry of the machined surface, it is decided whether it is a two-coordinate or three-coordinate system.
Fourth, choose according to the batch of the workpiece
The same type of workpiece is often processed, and a large number of special CNC milling machines can be selected; Also according to the specific requirements of the choice, the automation of CNC milling machine is high, not only can reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also can improve production efficiency.