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Selection Guide For CNC Drilling Machine And CNC Milling Machine

Nov 15, 2019

cnc drilling machine(alles cnc)

Selection guide for CNC drilling machine and CNC milling machine


1. The rigidity and stability of the machine table:

In order to make the machine have sufficient stability and rigidity to avoid vibration, many manufacturers use marble as the material of the bed. Some Japanese manufacturers use steel as the bed. Because the deformation of steel at different temperatures is larger than that of marble, it is unstable. Manufacturers use compensation in the software to eliminate the loss of precision caused by deformation.


At present, most manufacturers use natural marble or artificial marble as the bed. It is recommended to use marble bed equipment. The marble is usually cleaned with detergent and water, and alcohol is not available. After wiping, dry it with a dry cloth and wait until the water has completely evaporated before working.


2. Speed and stability of the shaft:

转轴(alles cnc)

At present, there are two types of shafts for rolling bearings with a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm and the other for air bearing speeds up to 120,000 rpm. If it is a milling machine, rolling bearings should be used. Because the longitudinal bearing is better than the air bearing, the drilling chuck is also the focus of the procurement. Some drill chucks are not easy to replace and maintain. Some drill chucks wear quickly and become consumables. Replacement costs are expensive, while others require daily maintenance and waste time.


The presser foot of the rotating shaft is also another one, and its life and unreasonable design can cause great trouble. For example, there is no seal between the shaft and the presser foot, which causes the vacuum cleaner to have a large power, which causes waste of the vacuum cleaner purchase or central vacuuming power. It is wasteful and may cause bad chip removal in the hole of the board.


3. Table movement accuracy and displacement repeatability:

This is the most important point when choosing. It can't be seen through pictures or ordinary operation. It can only be certified after being purchased. The current equipment can meet the design standard when it leaves the factory. The key is to run one to two years later. The accuracy of the machine is very stable, and the machine tools produced in Europe are better.


4. Feed rate of X, Y and Z axes:

The feed rate is currently a general-purpose screw stepper motor with a speed of 25 meters per minute, while the new product has adopted a servo motor. The high feed rate can increase the productivity by 20%-40%, and the Z-axis speed is affected by the drill bit and The influence of the material being drilled on the feed rate has little effect on production efficiency.


5. Table movement and fixtures:

The movement of the countertops was previously dominated by rails.


6. Operating system and control system:

数控系统(alles cnc)

Now many machine tools use the common Windows operating system interface is very friendly, and some also use Chinese, it is easier to get started learning and operation, but its shortcomings will be less stable and difficult to manage, and some use industrial systems or Unix systems. The advantage of this kind of system is that it has good stability, is not easy to malfunction, and is convenient to manage. But the operation interface is in English, the operation is slightly slower. The latter is recommended from the standpoint of process and equipment maintenance.


7. Tool management system:

刀具(alles cnc)

In the past, there were only 8 tool holders, and most of the CNC machine tools can be placed with hundreds of drill bits. Some systems also have automatic drill detection and diameter detection length and radial runout system. The item to be noted when the type is concerned is that most of the drill bits of the CNC bed are placed at the front end of the table. This design method has a disadvantage. If the circuit board processed during operation jumps out due to fixing problems, it is easy to break all the drill bits. Includes drill fixtures. Some drill fixtures are designed to be placed on top of the machine. For example, some Swiss-made machines will not cause this problem. The sensitivity of the detection mechanism is too high and too low.


8. The purchase of the light rule system:

At present, most of the measurement systems of CNC machine tools use the light ruler as the position and accuracy measurement feedback system, and also use the magnetic ruler. The system stability and resolution of the light ruler are high, because the read head of the light ruler has no contact with the ruler. Friction, so the life is very long, but usually keep the equipment clean to minimize dust pollution.

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