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Selection Of Machining Parts For Machine Parts And The Use Of Knurling Knives

May 28, 2019

As a manufacturer of CNC machine tools, ALLES CNC has a wide range of customers. Some of them use CNC milling machines and CNC punching machines produced by ALLES CNC to make some exquisite craftsmanship. So now, ALLES CNC will share with you the selection of the machining of common parts for CNC machine tools and the use of knurling knives.

Selection of machining parts for machine parts and the use of knurling knives

The parts are rounded and chamfered 

It is suitable for rounding and chamfering of the outer and inner corners of general mechanical cutting parts. It is not suitable for rounding and chamfering of special requirements.

The back slot

1. Chamfering and rounding of the outer round undercut and phase fittings

2. Undercuts with the same nominal diameter and different fits

3. Undercut with slot

It is a retracting groove with groove hole. The diameter D2 of the withdrawal groove can be determined by the selected flat key or wedge key; the depth T2 of the withdrawal groove is generally 20 m m, if the minimum value of T2 is not less than 10 mm due to structural reasons; the roughness of the withdrawal groove is generally Ra3.2 zim, and Ra1.6 zim, Ra0.8 Zim and Ra0.4 ZIM can also be selected as required.

4. Grinding wheel overtravel 

Grinding wheel overrunning groove for the grinding surface of general structural parts. Rotary surface and end face grinding wheel over-travel groove.

The dovetail slot

The dovetail groove is often used in conjunction with the trapezoidal guide rail to guide and support.

The lubrication groove 

Suitable for plain bearing lubrication grooves and flat lubrication grooves. 

1. The form and size of the lubrication groove for plain bearings.

2. The form and size of the lubrication groove on the plane

The center hole 

The center hole of type A without guard cone is shown in Table 1-36, the center hole of type B with guard cone, and the center hole of type C with guard cone and thread are shown in Table 1-38, R type center hole.


The processing of rolling a pattern on a surface of a workpiece with a knurling tool on a lathe is called knurling. The pattern of knurling generally has two kinds of straight lines and net patterns, and has the thickness and thickness. The thickness of the pattern is determined by the size of the pitch. 

1. The form of knurling and the shape of the knurled pattern

The thickness of the knurling pattern should be selected according to the diameter of the knurled surface of the workpiece. The larger the diameter, the larger the modulus pattern; the smaller the diameter, the smaller the modulus pattern.

2. Example of knurled mark 

1 modulus m = 0.2, straight knurling, the specified mark is: straight line m = 0.2 (GB6403.3-1986).

2 Reticulated m=0.3, reticulated knurling, the specified mark is: reticulated m=0.3 (GB6403.3-1986).

3. Knurling processing

(1) Mount the workpiece. The installation must be as strong as possible.

1 When installing the workpiece, the length of the probe should be the shortest.

2 long workpieces are supported by the top.

3 When turning the outer circle of the knurling, the diameter should be about 0.25mm smaller than the final size.(2) Install the knurling knife.

1 Observe whether the chips on the knurling knife are cleaned and if necessary, clean them with a wire brush.

2 When installing the knurling knife, the pivot pin should be aligned to deflect it by a slight angle.

4 Firmly clamp the tool.

(3) Workpiece knurling.

1 Use low cutting speed and large feed. 

2 Start the machine spindle and apply sufficient coolant to the knurling knife.

3 Shake the knurling knife into the workpiece and apply pressure until a full diamond pattern is formed.

4 Feed in the transverse direction and then feed longitudinally until the required knurl length is obtained.

5 Shake the knurling knife to quickly leave the workpiece.

(4) Chamfering. Clear the burr on the end face of the workpiece by cutting a depth of 45° to the bottom of the knurled groove

The above belongs to ALLES CNC to share with you, hoping to help you all.

Selection of machining parts for machine parts and the use of knurling knives

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