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Semi-automatic Mask Packaging Machine

May 07, 2020

Semi-automatic mask packaging machine

1. The operation of the whole machine is controlled by three servos;

2. The touch screen display screen is easy to operate, and the working state of the machine is clear and clear;

3. Can store a variety of product parameters and recipes, without repeated settings, download and use;

4. The bag length can be adjusted automatically according to the material length without manual setting;

5. Higher precision and accurate sealing and cutting position;

6. Stop position and printing position can be set arbitrarily;

7. Simple mechanical structure, convenient and intuitive debugging;

8. The packaging scope is expanded to adapt to various product specifications;

9. The structure layout conforming to ergonomics can facilitate the rapid sanitation cleaning, maintenance, maintenance and repair of the machine

10. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator, effectively improve production efficiency.


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