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Set CNC Machining Center, Speed And Feed

Oct 16, 2020

CNC machining center is the abbreviation of computer network digital economic control machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool controlled by the program. The movement of the machine tool and the processing and production process can be managed and controlled using the digital information of the enterprise. General cnc processing machine tools refer to precision engineering machinery product processing, cnc processing lathes, milling machines, boring machines, etc. How to reasonably set the center, speed and feed of CNC machining?


CNC machining can use control codes or other symbolic instructions to logically process programs. Use the computer to translate it into code, so that the machine can run according to the prescribed actions. Through turning, milling cutter and other tools, the blank is processed into semi-finished or finished parts. At present, CNC machining machine tools have been widely used in various processing fields. CNC machining centers have become the development trend and necessary technical means of mold processing.


During the use of CNC machining, some process parameters need to be set, such as feed rate, spindle speed, spindle forward and reverse, tool change, coolant switch, etc.


The spindle speed, feed speed and cutting rate of the CNC machining center are mainly determined by the tool. The parameters of the machining tool for different quantities of the same material are different. However, the tool will provide parameters to be set at the time of purchase. For example, three Gatwick import tools, where the tools will provide different materials and processing parameters, such as maximum feed rate, cutting and speed.

The development of cutting motion speed can be calculated according to the relevant formula, cutting speed = (processing a diameter/3.14/speed)*1000. For example, if you want to machine holes with different diameters of 50mm, the maximum actual cutting speed of the tool is 150m/min.


Spindle speed = (150 / 3.14 / 50) * 1000 = 955 revolutions

Make reasonable settings according to the size of the tool, the hardness of the processing technology material, the performance of the machine tool, and the precision of mold production and processing. The tool is large, the material is hard, and the accuracy can be low, the speed is slow, and vice versa. Specific problems should be explored based on work and life experience.

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