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Small Video, Big World - CNC Gantry Type Beam Drilling Machine

Sep 12, 2019

CNC Gantry Type Beam Drilling Machine

cnc beam drilling machine(alles cnc)

CNC Gantry Type Beam Drilling Machine is composed of main machine (3D drilling machine), hydraulic system, conveying material channel and electrical control system. It is mainly used for secondary processing of steel structure and H-beam drilling on three sides. The bed is fixed, the workpiece is movable structure, and the bed is welded by steel plate with sufficient strength. The three-dimensional drilling of this structure is suitable for the processing of medium and small H-shaped steel, which is convenient for continuous production and high degree of automation. Each drilling headstock is hydraulically controlled. It does not need to manually set the effective length of the drill bit and the thickness of the workpiece to be drilled. It can automatically perform fast-forward, one-time, one-time retraction conversion.


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