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“Smart Manufacturing” Provides A New Opportunity For A New Round Of Manufacturing Change

Nov 11, 2019

As the most disruptive technology after the Internet, artificial intelligence technology provides a new opportunity for a new round of manufacturing changes.


First, the application of artificial intelligence technology can not only liberate workers from repeated and heavy physical labor, but also replace mental labor and realize the inheritance and promotion of human knowledge in digital form. For example, through the analysis of big data on the movements of skilled workers, the experience can be made explicit, standardized, and softwareized, and the efficient reuse of human skills can be realized.


Second, the artificial intelligence system can analyze the sales, after-sales, user evaluation, the response of potential users to the advertisement and the real-time use of the user, and can judge the user's preference, discover the potential demand, accurately predict the sales trend, and better guide the product design and Scheduling. With artificial intelligence technology, you can quickly build prototypes and dynamically allocate resources, dramatically reducing time-to-market and reducing development costs.


Third, artificial intelligence technology not only makes the production line more flexible, but also develops the ability of self-adaptation, self-awareness, self-decision, self-learning and self-optimization, thereby achieving user-driven production, minimizing inventory and eliminating waste. Users can independently select product parameters or modules through the digital platform, or even directly participate in product design or give personalized recommendation design solutions by artificial intelligence system, and realize low-cost personalized customization through intelligent and flexible production lines.


The fourth is to intelligently analyze the production equipment of sensors and IoT real-time collection and transmission, which can not only optimize the production process parameters, save energy and material consumption, improve the yield rate, but also monitor the health status of the equipment in real time and timely warning. Failure, implementation of maintenance and maintenance, reducing downtime.


The fifth is to open up the data connection between manufacturing enterprises and upstream business providers, downstream service providers and other commercial ecosystem enterprises to achieve horizontal integration in information-physical systems. Through intelligent analysis, the entire business ecosystem can respond to market changes in a timely manner and optimize the supply chain.


Sixth, through the cloud connection or embedding the trained artificial intelligence system into the product, not only can the product respond to user instructions through natural language, gestures, etc., but also can provide rich value-added services based on the intelligent platform, and realize the enterprise from providing products. Transforming to provide a combination of "product + service".


In short, the current global manufacturing industry is accelerating to the era of intelligence, and the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the competitiveness of manufacturing industry is growing, which will lead to profound changes in the manufacturing industry. Actively expanding "smart +" to empower the manufacturing transformation and upgrading is the proper meaning of the intelligent era to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing.

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