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Structure And Function Of Numerical Control Drilling Machine

Apr 29, 2019

CNC drilling machine has high working efficiency. It can drill through holes, drill blind holes and milling sealing grooves for processing materials. For now, CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, tapping, flange, disc and ring parts efficiently.

In the working process of NC drilling machine, its running state is controlled by digital system, and the whole operation process is very convenient. It helps to realize automation, high precision, multi variety and mass production. Next, we will briefly introduce the composition of its structure.

In a CNC drilling machine, the main components include: bed worktable, mobile Longmen, CNC sliding table, drilling power head, plate chain automatic chip cutter and circulating cooling device, automatic lubricating device and protective device, and all parts play different functions and functions.

First, the bed body of the NC drilling machine belongs to the casting structure. The whole structure is made up of three main beds in the left, middle and right sections and connected by the bridge. The stress is eliminated by the stress annealing treatment by artificial aging heat treatment. The static and dynamic rigidity is good.

Second, CNC drilling machine in Longmen is welded steel structure, heat treatment to stress annealing treatment. A straight line rolling guide with two super high bearing capacity is usually installed on the front side, and two sets of precision ball screws and servo motors are installed on the top, so that the two power head slide plates move in the direction of Y axis. A drilling power box is installed on each power head slide plate, and a high-speed drill bit can be installed on the main shaft. In the process of Longmen mobile, the servo motor is used to control the rotation of the ball screw on the ball screw by the belt pulley.

In addition, during the operation of CNC drilling machine, NC slider can achieve different tasks according to requirements, and has automatic chip breaking, chip removal and suspension functions. The high speed power head of the drilling machine is used for the special spindle servo motor, and the special spindle is driven by the synchronous belt of the tooth, and the feed is driven by the servo motor and the ball screw.