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Technical Characteristics Of CNC Machine Tools

Feb 06, 2020

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CNC machine tools have the following three outstanding features: using binary mathematical input, the machining process can be programmed arbitrarily, the spindle and feed speed can be changed according to the machining process needs, and can achieve multi coordinate linkage, easy to machining miscellaneous surfaces. The processing object has the characteristics of "changeability, changeability and fickleness". It is convenient to change batches and adjust. It can realize the flexible production of small and medium batches with multiple varieties of miscellaneous parts and meet the needs of the society for product diversification. However, the price is relatively expensive, so it needs to analyze the economic rationality of its use correctly; the combination of hardware and software can realize information feedback, compensation, automatic acceleration and deceleration and other functions, which can further improve the machining accuracy, efficiency and automation of the machine tool; it is an electromechanical integrated machine tool with electronic control as the main part, giving full play to the unique advantages of microelectronics and computer technology, which is easy to use In order to realize information, intelligence and network, it is easy to form various advanced manufacturing systems, such as FMS, FTL, FA, and even CIMS in the future, which can maximize industrial productivity and labor productivity.