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Temperature Affects Accuracy

Apr 22, 2020

What are the reasons that affect the thermal environment formed by the various layouts of the machine tool at close range?

It mainly includes the following 4 aspects:

1. Workshop microclimate: such as the temperature distribution in the workshop (vertical direction, horizontal direction). When the day and night change or climate and ventilation changes, the workshop temperature will slowly change.

2. Workshop heat sources: such as solar radiation, heating equipment and high-power lighting, etc., when they are close to the machine, they can directly affect the temperature rise of the whole or part of the machine for a long time. The heat generated by adjacent equipment during operation will affect the temperature rise of the CNC machine tool in the form of radiation or air flow.

3. Heat dissipation: the foundation has a good heat dissipation effect, especially the foundation of precision machine tools should not be close to underground heating pipes. Once it breaks and leaks, it may become a heat source that is difficult to find the cause ‚ÄúDevice", which is conducive to temperature balance in the workshop.

4. Constant temperature: The use of constant temperature facilities in the workshop is very effective for maintaining precision and processing accuracy of precision machine tools, but it consumes a lot of energy.

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