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The Development History Of CNC Machine Tools

Jun 13, 2019

CNC machine tools were first born in the United States. In 1948, when Parsons developed a machine tool for processing helicopter blade contour inspection, it proposed the idea of CNC machine tool. Later, it was commissioned by the US Air Force to cooperate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1952, the world's first machine was prototyped. The three-axis CNC vertical milling machine uses a tube for its numerical control system. Since 1960, Germany, Japan, China, etc. have successively developed, produced and used CNC machine tools. In 1968, China developed the first CNC machine tool from Beijing No. 1 Machine Tool Plant. In 1974, the microprocessor was directly used in CNC machine tools, which further promoted the popularization and application of CNC machine tools. As a member of the CNC industry, ALLES CNC will focus on the development of the CNC industry and progress with the development of the entire CNC machine tool.


In the past 20 years, with the development of science and technology, the rise and continuous maturity of advanced manufacturing technology has put forward higher requirements for numerical control technology. At present, CNC technology is mainly developed in the following directions:

 1) Development towards high speed and high precision

Speed and precision are two important indicators of CNC machine tools, which are directly related to the quality and grade of the product, the production cycle of the product and the competitiveness in the market. ALLES has always been at the forefront in this respect. The products developed by the company are based on the principle of high speed and high precision. It is the preferred choice for many customers at home and abroad. For example, the three-week series of CNC drilling machines are clean and easy to operate. It is the main equipment for flange processing.

2) Development towards flexibility and functional integration

On modern CNC machine tools, automatic tool changers, automatic table changers, etc. have become basic devices. With the development of the times, the CNC machine tool industry has become more and more popular. Complex and heavy-duty products have been gradually eliminated. Nowadays, the development of CNC machine tools to the flexible direction, function integration is more reflected in: automatic workpiece loading and unloading, workpiece Automatic positioning, automatic tool setting, automatic measurement and compensation of workpieces, "universal machining" integrating drilling, turning, boring, milling and grinding, and "complete processing" integrating assembly, unloading, processing and measuring. Integration is the goal that ALLES has been pursuing. Most products have been integrated, convenient, precise and fast.

3) Development towards intelligence

With the continuous penetration and development of artificial intelligence in the computer field, the numerical control system is developing in the direction of intelligence, realizing the "fit" of machinery and network. In the new generation of numerical control system, due to the control mechanism such as Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy System and Neural Network, The performance is greatly improved, and the functions of adaptive control of the process, automatic identification of the load, self-generation of process parameters, dynamic compensation of motion parameters, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring and the like are provided. ALLES CNC is at the forefront of the industry and many machines have entered the communications industry.

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