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The Difference Between 5-axis Machining Center And 3-axis Machining Center

Aug 15, 2019

The 5-axis machining center is not separated from the 3-axis machining center. ALLES CNC takes you through the door.

5axis machine center

The 5-axis machining center is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electric power, hydraulic pressure and digital control. The structure features a gantry structure, a full-protection CNC machine tool, and a single swing head on the ram. The processing surface can be plane, curved surface and hole. It has many cutting functions such as boring, milling, drilling and tapping. It can be installed once and processed in multiple steps.

The 3-axis machining center can be divided into a bridge 3-axis machining center and a C-type 3-axis machining center. It is mainly used for processing parts such as plates, discs, shells, molds, etc. with high precision, many processes, and complex shapes. In one installation, the milling, drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, tapping and two-dimensional three-dimensional curved surfaces are successively completed, and the bevel is precisely processed, and the processing is realized by program and batch.

What is the difference between its doors?

1, the principle is different

The 3-axis machining is performed by the linear feed axes X, Y, and Z.

The 5-axis machining is a linear interpolation motion of the feed axes X, Y, Z and any five of the rotation axes A, B, and C around X, Y, and Z.

2, processing characteristics are different

3-axis machining: The cutting tool orientation remains constant during movement along the entire cutting path. The cutting state of the tip is not perfect in real time.

5-axis machining: The tool direction can be optimized while moving along the entire path while the tool moves linearly. In this way, the optimum cutting state is maintained throughout the path.

There are different things in the two, there are similarities, and there are big differences. There is always one that suits you.

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