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The Overall Maintenance And Maintenance Of CNC Drilling Machine

Apr 29, 2019

Structure of CNC drilling machine CNC drilling machine is also composed of spindle box, tool holder, feed transmission system, bed, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system, etc. Only the feed system of CNC drilling machine and horizontal drilling machine. There are fundamental differences in planning. The movement of the horizontal drilling machine spindle is transmitted to the tool carrier through the hanging wheel frame, the feed box and the carriage box to complete the vertical and horizontal feed movements. The numerically controlled drilling machine is a servo motor, which is transmitted to the slide plate and the knife holder via the ball screw, and completes the z-direction (longitudinal) and orientation (horizontal) feed movements. The CNC drilling machine is also used for the function of various threads. The movement between the spindle rotation and the toolholder movement is controlled by a numerical control system. The equipment in the spindle box of the CNC drilling machine has a pulse encoder. The movement of the spindle is transmitted to the pulse encoder via the synchronous toothed belt 1 1 . When the main shaft rotates, the pulse encoder announces the detection pulse signal to the numerical control system, so that the rotation of the spindle motor and the cutting feed of the tool holder adhere to the required movement of the thread processing, that is, the spindle rotates once when the thread is processed. z moves the workpiece one lead.

(1) Planning of bed and rails.

(2) Plane planning. The tool holder of the CNC drilling machine is an important part of the drilling machine. The tool holder is used to clamp the cutting tool. Therefore, the planning directly affects the cutting performance and cutting power of the drilling machine. To a certain extent, the tool holder planning and performance show the numerical control. Drilling machine planning and manufacturing level.