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Vietnam Customers' Happy Visiting For CNC Machine Center

Dec 19, 2018

Vietnam Customers' Happy Visiting For CNC Machine Center

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On December 13, Vietnamese client visited for the second time, the last time was in June last year.

For this business trip, our vietnam very happy, and when they saw our 5 axis cnc machine center, they focus on them, and they checked carefully. 

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They studied from us that, 5 axis cnc machining center is a precision machine tool with an integration of machinery, electricity, hydraulic pressure, and numerical control. The structural features are that a gantry type CNC machine center with full protection, the ram adopts single swing head, worktable is cnc rotation table, can processing flat surface, curved surface, and hole. Milling, boring, drilling and tapping all these processes can be made in one clamping and improves production efficiency and machining quality.

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It is fully adopts CNC system centralized control, 5 axis linkage, AC servo drive system, gear and rack drive system and roller linear guide rail. It can realize the precision movement of the machine and reduces the worker labor intensity.

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We led our customers to visit our factory, after which we held a conference on products. At the meeting, we used PPT to introduce our company and products in detail and answer the questions of customers. Allowing customers to understand the product in a more detailed way after viewing the product intuitively. After the meeting, we had a pleasant meal with customers.

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Then, we pick up our customers back to the hotel, for the whole reception service, customer all happy and satisfaction. They all said :"ALLES CNC is a warmly and humane company. Come to ALLES, Feel to back home. "

cnc machine center

In brief, the customer's visiting was very successfully and the conversation was pleasant,customer was very satisfied with our company and products.

Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company.


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