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Welcome Mexican Customer Visit Our Factory And Bought Cnc Milling Machine

Mar 14, 2018

cnc milling machine (2)

MAR. 14th, 2018, Our mexican customers came to our factory to visit, and bought our cnc Milling Machine.

Mr. Roier, Mr. Jose, and Mr. Mario (Translation) have a overview look for factory, we have introduced our factory and company machines. Not only cnc milling machine, they also show their interests in our other machines.

cnc milling machine (4)

cnc milling machine (6)

As they know, Our factory is located in Jinan, cnc machine manufacture for CNC milling, CNC drilling, CNC boring, CNC turning and 5 axis CNC machine center for more than 36 years in China.

Pls check the factory 360° Overview: http://quanjing.sdsycnc.com/

cnc machines cnc drilling machine

There are installed by more than 300 sets of large and medium-sized advanced testing and manufacturing equipment, More than 200 sets of CNC machine are in stock to meet the customers needs, forming an annual output of 200 sets of various types of cnc machine tools.

Most of the machine parts made by ourselves, we can provide more speedy and efficient services and guarantee the delivery time.

We discussed and explained the technical details of the customer in detail in our workshop.

cnc milling machine (7)

Then, we move to the meeting room for a business meeting.

cnc milling machine (3)

Not only business, our customers also have happy and enjoy time with us.

cnc drilling milling machine

Finally, they buy our cnc milling machine, and hoped that they can introduce more Mexican customers who need cnc machines, will purchase from us. 

Next year, when their new factory is completed, and then, they will back to buy CNC drilling machine from us. 

Thanks for the customer interest with this great trustness, and thanks for the customers cooperation.

All in all we can have successful cooperation and perfectly machines for both sides.

CNC drilling milling machine (2)


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