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Welcome Saudi Arabian Customers To Visit The Factory Of ALLES CNC

Jul 08, 2019

On July 26, 2019, this day was a crucial day for ALLES CNC, as the Saudi Arabian customer who supplied the machine body service visited the BRIDGE TYPE CNC MILLING MACHINE at the ALLES factory and learned about the accessories of the portal milling machine. Structure, together with the engineer to discuss the machining method and machine structure of the milling machine and the machine precision. The machine is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control. The structure is characterized by fixed beam and the table moves the gantry milling machine. It has many cutting functions such as boring, milling, drilling and tapping. It can be installed once and processed in multiple steps, greatly improving processing efficiency and processing quality, and has high rigidity and strength to ensure long-term stable operation.


After a day of visits and exchanges, Saudi Arabian customers fully trusted ALLES CNC's products. Finally, Saudi Arabian customers reached a consensus with ALLES CNC and determined to achieve a win-win cooperation. (For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD)

Welcome Saudi Arabian customers to visit the factory of ALLES CNC

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