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Welcomes Indian Customers To Visit The Factory Of ALLES CNC

Jul 01, 2019

On June 26th, ALLES CNC welcomed the Indian customers who provided the machining service to the ALLES factory to visit the milling machine and the drilling machine. They focused on the CNC machining center area and the accessories and structure of the CNC MACHINE CENTER. Indian customers and engineers at ALLES CNC discussed the production of the major products and the industries in which the products are used. For example, BEAM DRILLING MACHINE in drilling machines can be used in construction, power plants and other industries, and ANGLE DRILLING SYSTEM can be used in the power transmission and communications industries.


After a day of visits and exchanges, Indian customers lamented ALLEC CNC's products and said: “ALLES CNC is not only the thinker of CNC machine tools, but also consistent.” Indian customers fully understand the ALLES CNC products, and fully trust The service of ALLES CNC. Finally, the Indian customer reached a cooperation agreement with ALLES CNC, determined to achieve a win-win cooperation between the two parties.(For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD)

Welcomes Indian customers to visit the factory of ALLES CNC

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