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What About X-axis Offset Of Machining Center?

Jun 03, 2019

What about X-axis offset of machining center?

X-axis offset generally refers to the offset of machine coordinates. There are five ways to try to correct ALLES CNC in case of offset coordinates.

What about X-axis offset of machining center

  1. If it is single-piece production, the method is: when X-direction offset is needed, stop automatic processing and change to manual processing. After the milling cutter is offset along the X direction with the handwheel (note, do not move the coordinates of the Y axis and Z axis), the program will continue to run automatically. You can achieve your goal.

2. If only offset the X-axis, then modify X directly in the program.

3. If it is mass production, you are talking about overall deviation. Before cutting, two coordinate systems, G54 and G55, should be set in advance. The program then writes G55 where it needs to be offset. In this way, there will be no problems in processing.

4. Do not repeat zero in processing engineering.

5. If there are more offsets. It may be that the clearance of X-axis screw rod is bigger and it needs professional repairman or laser compensation to check and correct.

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