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What Are The Advantages Of Machine Tool Probes In Hardware Processing Of CNC Shrapnel?

Jun 11, 2019

Today ALLES CNC takes you through the new technology equipment in the CNC machining industry.

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The machine tool probe is a scientific and technological innovation measuring device equipped on the CNC machine tool. Its main function is to automatically recognize the machine tool precision error and automatically compensate the machine tool accuracy. Instead of manually doing automatic centering, edge finding, measurement, and automatically correcting the coordinate system. Automatic tool compensation and direct measurement of large-scale complex parts on the machine tool can improve the processing capability and precision of existing machine tools, greatly improve the manufacturing quality of existing production equipment, reduce manufacturing costs, and save time and labor costs.


What are the advantages of machine tool probes in hardware processing of CNC shrapnel

In the process of cnc machining, the machine tool probe is divided into two types: workpiece inspection and tool inspection probe. It is usually installed on CNC machine tools such as machining centers. (Click to view the machining center of ALLES CNC) because it can automatically measure and record calibration. Therefore, in the process of producing metal shrapnel, the basic one-time production correction is completed, and no secondary counter-attack repair is needed, which improves the quality and efficiency of processing and reduces the cost. That's why many customers say machine tool probes are so easy to use.


How to choose a machine tool probe?

We know that the probe is divided into a workpiece inspection and a tool inspection probe. Therefore, the first choice of the probe depends on whether you choose to measure the workpiece or the tool. After the separation, it is selected according to the complexity of the machining. 3D machine tool probes are used for complex workpieces, and 2D machine tool probes are used for simple machining.


How to choose a machine tool probe

The second is the choice of stylus, because the stylus is an important component of the measuring system of the machine tool probe. When selecting the stylus, it adheres to three standards, rigidity, precision and processing environment. When the hardness of the workpiece is high, it is necessary to select a rigid stylus, such as a stainless steel stylus or a tungsten carbide stylus. Otherwise, the rigidity of the stylus can be reduced. When the machining accuracy of the workpiece is high, the measurement accuracy of the stylus is also To increase, generally speaking, the shorter the measuring rod, the larger the diameter of the measuring ball or the smaller the number of stylus components, the higher the measuring accuracy of the machine tool probe; in addition, if the vibration during processing is large, the anti-selection is required. Strong stylus for vibration performance, such as carbon fiber stylus.