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What Attracted Customers From Thailand To Visit ALLES CNC Again?

Apr 22, 2019

Of course it is the product of ALLES CNC!

On April 8, 2019, customers from Thailand visited the ALLES CNC factory for the second time.

I remember the last time the engineer came to the factory of ALLES CNC to see H beam drilling and Plate drilling machine.

This time, the boss from Thailand personally visited ALLES CNC, in addition to H beam drilling machine and Plate drilling machine. The boss also asked about boiler/tube/pipe drilling machine and angle punching gathering marking machine system.

ALLES CNC led the customers to visit the scale of the factory, and the customers visited the H beam drilling machine and the Plate drilling machine.

After visiting the factory, ALLES CNC and the customer discussed the technical details of the machine Angle punching machine and Boiler drilling machine in the conference room.

The technical discussion meeting was very smooth.

After the meeting, ALLES CNC had dinner with customers from Thailand. The atmosphere was harmonious and the client was very satisfied with the visit and expressed his willingness to establish a long-term relationship with the ALLES CNC factory.

Thai Customer Visit1

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