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What CNC Drilling Machine Is Used For Flange Drilling

Nov 28, 2019

Flange components are widely used, such as hydraulic engineering, urban thermal pipelines, petroleum pipelines, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. However, many companies still use ordinary drilling machines to process the holes on the flange, which not only has low processing efficiency but also consumes manpower and financial resources. Therefore, at present, many machining companies use CNC flange drilling machines for drilling.

 cnc flange drilling machine(alles cnc)

The new CNC flange drilling machine has the advantages of high cost performance, small footprint, light weight, high efficiency, and reduced cost. The components include a bed, an indexing device, a column, a drill pin power head, an installation chuck, a chip removal device and a cooling device. The upright post is installed on the bed. The upright post is provided with a rail perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The drilling power head can move left and right along the guide rail. The chuck is connected to the indexable turntable for clamping the flange. The lower part of the indexing device has a horizontal moving mechanism and a rotating mechanism. The indexing device can be moved along the guide rail in the horizontal direction and can rotate. It can be indexed at any angle to achieve drilling at any position on the flange. . This new CNC flange drilling machine has a wide range of applications and is the first choice for the flange industry.


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