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What Does 5G Bring To The Machine Tool Industry

Nov 01, 2019

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Machine tool market demand brought by 5G


The first is the change in demand in the machine tool market.


With the advent of 5G, electronic components and related products that do not meet the new generation communication standards are bound to be eliminated. Sales of 4G equipment-related electronic components such as laminated ceramic capacitors (MLCC) in Japan are steadily declining and are nearing bottom. Japan’s well-known electronic component manufacturer Murata’s chairman and president, Mr. Murata, said that the arrival of 5G has made its main product demand growth weak.


Conversely, the price of 5G-related electronic component materials is skyrocketing. For example, the world's second-largest copper foil substrate (CCL) plant, China Biotech, has risen 5% for different materials since September. The first shot of the price increase of key parts in the traditional peak season.


In this context, machine tools that meet the processing needs of 5G products are bound to have a broad market, and some enterprises have already taken the lead. For example, in August of this year, Taiqun Seiki has released a number of new machine tools for the 5G industry chain products. The person in charge of the company said that relying on the demand of 5G intelligent hardware processing industry, the company concentrates on supporting products and technology upgrades, and can be the first to become a leading intelligent equipment enterprise in the 5G industry.


Machine tool technology development brought by 5G.


5G changes not only the market demand, the dependence of factory equipment and the change of connection mode, the realization of decentralization and grid, and the opening of the era of “Internet of Everything” are new changes brought about by 5G.


Based on the high speed, high reliability and low latency of 5G technology, the factory no longer needs complex cables for data transmission, and each system can directly perform wireless transmission and wireless control. For example, in the 4G era, if an enterprise wants to deploy an industrial Internet platform with a wired network connection, the connection cost of a machine tool is about 3,000 yuan, and the connection is inconvenient. Once the line is moved and the serial number is stopped, the previous cable network is abolished. However, through the 5G large connection capability, the factory no longer needs wired connection, which eliminates the problem of aging of the machine line and inconvenient migration, and the network cost also decreases. Moreover, industrial robots that work with machine tools no longer need cables and can move freely between the various devices, providing a good foundation for flexible manufacturing.


In addition, although many intelligent software control systems have been developed on the basis of 4G networks to monitor the operation of factories, the reliability of these applications is not sufficient due to the limitation of network speed. Relying on the high speed and low latency of 5G technology, the digital transformation and upgrade of the factory is more rapid. As long as there are mobile phones and computers, the operation status of all devices can be checked and managed at any time and anywhere through the network. On this basis, machine tool enterprises can reduce labor costs, improve processing efficiency, and obtain better business benefits.


Finally, the Internet of Everything also brings a wealth of information. A large amount of industrial-grade data is collected and aggregated into a cloud server through a 5G network, forming a huge database. The machine tool can combine the supercomputing power of cloud computing for independent learning and accurate judgment, and give the best solution. This also ensures that the time for manufacturing and manufacturing is shorter, the solution is faster and better, and the manufacturing efficiency is greatly improved. As a result, the machine tool has become more "intelligent", the robot has become a senior assistant, and people and machines have been symbiotic in the factory.

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