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What Happens To The Drill Bit When Using A Three-axis CNC Drilling Machine

Dec 04, 2019

Three-axis CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming and tapping. In the automobile, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, engineering machinery industries; especially for ultra-long laminated plates, stringers, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous systems, drilling and processing of various large-scale parts rich in the sea should be selected.


The maintenance and overhaul of the three-axis CNC drilling machine is to prolong the life of components and wear cycles of components, prevent various failures, and improve the average trouble-free working time and service life of the three-axis CNC drilling machine.


The three-axis CNC drilling machine manufacturer is an important equipment in the processing of circuit boards. The equipment is expensive. The use of the three-axis CNC drilling machine is not only important for operation, process setting and maintenance, but also for the quality of the production products.


So what happens when the drill bit breaks when using a three-axis CNC drilling machine? Let's take a look at the reason why the drill bit breaks of a three-axis CNC drilling machine.

cnc drilling machine 

When using a three-axis CNC drilling machine, when the drill bit breaks, the main reasons are:


1. The drill is blunt, but drilling continues.


2. The spiral groove of the drill was blocked by chips, and the chips were not discharged in time.


3. When the hole is drilled quickly, there is no reduction in feed amount or change to manual feed.


4. The sharpening of the drill edge is too sharp, and the phenomenon of chipping occurs, but the tool cannot be retracted quickly.


5. When drilling soft metals such as brass, the back angle of the drill is too large, and the front angle is not ground, causing the drill to rotate automatically.


Reasons for rapid wear or chipping when cutting is:


1. Uneven hardness or trachoma in the workpiece.


2. The jealousy is too sharp and the feed is too large.


3. Afraid that the drill cannot be installed securely, use the drill edge to poke the workpiece.


4. The cutting angle of the drill is not sharpened according to the material of the workpiece.


5. Cutting speed is too high, improper selection of cutting fluid or insufficient supply of cutting fluid.

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