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What Is A Better Horizontal Machining Center

Jan 14, 2021

Horizontal CNC machine tools can automatically change tools during processing. Used for milling, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming and tapping. Modern machine tools and control concepts, compact structure design, to ensure high efficiency and high precision processing of single or single pieces require small batch products.

Horizontal Spindle Machining Centre

Whole machine: The main structure of the machine tool is an inverted T type, which improves the accuracy of machine processing. The traditional bed is around 700, and the overall bed of our horizontal machining center does not exceed 300.


Base: Ship-shaped base, inside like a boat, all gaps are opened, which is more convenient for chip removal.

Y-axis column: The frame structure column composed of two walls has an integral honeycomb wall arranged on the two side walls, with high torsional bending rigidity and bilateral symmetrical structure, ensuring excellent thermal stability.

Main axle box: The high-power AC servo spindle motor can realize the stepless speed regulation of the spindle, and meet the requirements of low-speed, high-speed torque and high-speed cutting.

Drive: Advanced high-inertia feed servo motor is used to realize three-axis feed drive. Taiwan high-rigidity ball screw, the X/Z axis gauge structure adopts roller guide rail, and the Y axis adopts rigid specification rectangular structure. The accuracy is good.

Fully movable column structure with good rigidity. Change at room temperature, no deformation, bending deformation, stability and high precision are maintained. The whole machine fully embodies the engineering concept of man-machine integration. It is a high-performance, efficient and high-speed high-end CNC machine tool, which is easy to use, operate and maintain.