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What Is High Speed Cutting And What Kind Of Machine Conditions Can Be Met?

May 24, 2019

Perhaps everyone knows that the high-speed operation of CNC machinery is the best way to bring benefits to itself, because it can save manpower, material resources and cost. But ALLES CNC is here to tell you that not all CNC machines are suitable for high speed operation.

High-speed cutting, as the name suggests, is a way for a spindle tool to machine a workpiece at very high rotational speeds. At present, there is no clear definition of high-speed cutting in various countries, but the cutting process with a cutting speed higher than the conventional speed of 5 to 10 times is called high-speed cutting. At present, the high productivity of high-speed cutting is used to reduce production costs. The high-speed cutting is generally only applied to the final finishing, especially in hardened die steel.

The concept of high-speed cutting has long been proposed, but it has not been well developed and applied. Until recently, it has been used more. To meet high-speed cutting, first of all, high-speed cutting machine tools are indispensable. Secondly, excellent tool clamping, tools for high-speed cutting, and high-speed cutting CAM software are all indispensable. These three characteristics, CNC machining by ALLES CNC The center is perfectly equipped with these conditions. The reason why high-speed cutting is now more and more recognized by the processing industry is due to its superiority over traditional processing.


Since high-speed cutting is constantly being recognized and the advantages are constantly being explored, what kind of machine can achieve high-speed cutting?


1. the mechanism is designed for high speed operation

Because of its very high speed, the high-speed cutting machine requires high rigidity of the machine structure and absorbs vibration during high-speed movement to ensure the precision and stability of high-speed cutting.


2. excellent CNC control system

As the command issuing unit of each part of the machine tool, the CNC system requires the command to be accurately and quickly transmitted to each part. After the post-processing, the corresponding position command is made to the spindle, and the servo system of the machine tool can quickly drive the spindle according to the command transmitted by the control system. Work on the workbench. In the field of high-speed machining applications, Siemens' 840D and Fanuc18iMB are very representative. All standard CNC machine products produced by ALLES CNC are adapted to these two CNC control systems.


3. High-speed cutting special tools and tool holders 

Tools for high-speed cutting, especially high-speed rotary tools, require better quality and performance from the perspective of ensuring machining accuracy and operational safety.


4. Specialized CAD/CAM software

Professional CAD/CAM software has the most accurate and precise path calculation method. It not only can accurately meet the accuracy requirements of 3DProfile, but also can reduce the discharge process, and can even process the polished surface quality. For professional software, it is first required to produce a good cutting path, because in this case, the path cut out is stable, the processing efficiency is high, and it is also beneficial for the tool life extension.


So now, do you understand high-speed cutting?

高速切削What is high speed cutting and what kind of machine conditions can be met?

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