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What Is The Composition Of The CNC Lathe?

May 28, 2018

All types of machine tools are usually composed of the following basic parts: supporting parts for the installation and support of other parts and workpieces, to withstand its weight and cutting forces, such as the bed and columns; speed change mechanism for changing the speed of the main movement; The mechanism is used to change the feedrate; the spindle box is used to install the spindle of the machine tool; tool holder, tool magazine; control and operating system; lubrication system; cooling system.

Machine tool attachments include machine tool loading and unloading devices, manipulators, industrial robots and other machine tool attachments, as well as chucks, sucker chucks, vise, rotary table and indexing head and other machine accessories.

CNC machine tool is a simple name for digital control machine tool. The control and supervision of it is realized in the numerical control unit. The numerical control unit can be said to be the core of the numerical control machine tool, equivalent to the human brain, and the CNC machine tool can also be realized. As well as additional device functions, components can be programmed, stored, and used in industrial production.