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What Is The Problem That All Kinds Of Drills Are Prone To Edge Burst When Drilling?

Apr 29, 2019

Now let ALLES CNC to answer this kind of question for you. What is the problem that our plane drill, flange drill, deep hole drill and other bits are prone to edge burst when drilling? If there is no inverted cone in the bit itself, the different axes of the bit itself (big jump) and the small point of the bit (cutting edge) are higher than the center point, these reasons can cause the hole edge phenomenon when drilling. The solution is to strictly test the above mentioned parameters to meet the requirements of product customization.

In addition, if the spindle is different from the quick change joint, the press device is not equipped enough, the pressure is not enough, and the workpiece sways when drilling, it will also cause the edge burst when drilling. The solution is to check the machine parameters such as quick change joint, machine tool spindle, air pressure, etc. to meet the requirements of use. The hole opening is small and the outlet is large when drilling.

The big jump of the bit itself (different axes), besides the small hole opening and large outlet when drilling, can also cause hole burst edge. The solution is to do a good job of drill bit inspection and strictly control the jump. In addition, if the spindle is different from the quick change joint, the hole opening will be small and the outlet will be large when drilling. The solution is to replace the joint and spindle quickly.

The related factors of machine tool are whether the machine tool we choose is suitable or not, whether it is not suitable for processing this material, whether the machine tool is level or not, and if it is not level, it may cause knife breakage. Whether the spindle motor speed is too low, the spindle motor speed is too low, the cabinet automatic feeding and unloading machine, each tooth every turn to eat knife volume will become larger, so the cutting force will become larger, it will cause knife breakage, generally speaking, we use the spindle speed is higher or better. Technological problems, whether the processing allowance is unreasonable, whether there is a stepped allowance, so there will be changes in the cutting force during the processing caused vibration, resulting in tool breaking, so it is necessary to increase semi-finishing. The other is whether the amount of knives eaten is too large. Of course, there are many other factors in the process, I will not say much here. The factors related to the surrounding environment are whether there is a source around and whether the voltage provided is stable. Whether the path of control system related factors is smoothed and whether the priority mode is correct directly affects the starting speed of machine tools. The higher the starting speed, the easier the vibration will occur, which will easily lead to tool breakage.

BIT,What is the problem that all kinds of drills are prone to edge burst when drilling?

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