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What Measuring Tools Are Needed For CNC Machining?

May 30, 2019

ALLES CNC shares an article about CNC machine tools

1 vernier caliper


Digital display




Ordinary vernier caliper

The vernier caliper must have been in contact with mechanical work. There are ordinary digital display and table. As long as you have contacted it, it will not be a problem. The vernier caliper has a lot of functions, and it can measure the outer diameter of the outer diameter, the depth and the height, etc., and it is quite flexible to use.

2 feeler


There are corresponding precisions on the scales. Generally, for some products, such as clamping or measuring, it is impossible to accurately understand the naked eye. At this time, you can use the ruler tool to see the assembly precision? Whether there are bumps or the like.

3 depth ruler


This is used to measure depth. It is similar to the vernier caliper and is also commonly used in machining.


4 height gauge


It is mainly used to measure the height. Of course, the vernier caliper and the depth gauge can also be used, but sometimes the height gauge is more precise and convenient.


5 inner diameter dial gauge


This is mainly used to measure the accuracy of the inner hole and also the ellipticity. It is a relatively sophisticated instrument.


6 spiral micrometer


Can be used to measure the diameter of the outer circle, length and width, etc., the accuracy can reach 0.01. It is more commonly used in the outer circle of the car.


7 inner diameter micrometer


This is used to measure the accuracy of the inner hole can reach 0.01MM


8-way stop gauge


On the one hand, it is a rule of regulation. Mainly detect the size of the inner hole


9 thread gauge


It can also be divided into internal thread gauges, which are mainly used to detect the degree of thread.


10 dial indicator


This is commonly used in the vise table, and of course the flatness of the product can be measured.


11 level ruler


This is also used to measure horizontal benchmarks.


12 projector


The projector can also be used as a mechanical measurement for both symmetrical length and diameter.


13 three coordinates


Can measure and even model, can measure point line surface, roundness straightness flatness. It can measure the three-dimensional size of space and is versatile and almost versatile.

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