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Why Is CNC Machining Inefficient? ALLES CNC Takes You Through The Analysis.

May 28, 2019

Many customers of ALLES CNC, of course, including ALLES CNC's own factory, have experienced the problem of changing the time in the factory, whether it is in the CNC machining center, CNC drilling and milling machine area, or In the processing area of CNC boring and milling machine, there will be problems of low processing efficiency. At this time, don't blame the staff easily, because there are many problems that you have not noticed!

1. equipment failure factors

Due to the complicated principle and precise structure of the numerical control system, it is impossible to repair and eliminate faults in time after failure, so it will affect production efficiency.


2. production management factors

Due to specific reasons, the system of CNC equipment is complicated and the equipment is not well graded, which brings great difficulties to the application and programming of technicians and operators, which greatly limits the transfer processing of parts. The program management is not perfect, and the repeated compilation of the processing program wastes time and affects the instability of the program. In the production arrangement, production organization and process monitoring, the main aspects are still on-site management. Inevitably, there are problems such as planned disconnection and lag in production preparation, which increases the waiting time for equipment shutdown. Another outstanding problem is that some managers do not know enough about CNC, blindly command, think that CNC machine tools are very advanced, and they should be able to do anything. Many parts that are not suitable for CNC machining or other types of work are easier to process, and CNC machining is also required. Not only can it not exert its efficiency, but it will also greatly damage the accuracy of CNC machine tools, so it is necessary to improve management.


3. Process technology factors

In many cases, due to the inability of the program to follow up in time, the technical data of the drawings is imperfect, the processing is not good, and the long inspection time has become a factor affecting efficiency. In most cases, the process technology does not effectively combine the rationality of the process with the corresponding CNC machine tools, tools, and fixtures. In this way, as long as there is a problem in the processing of the machine on the workpiece, the equipment will stop waiting or fail to pass. product.


4. CNC tool factors

As an important auxiliary tool for participating in manufacturing activities, the tool system plays an important role in the flexibility and productivity of CNC machine tools and the precision and correctness of product manufacturing. At the same time, the tool is a more expensive consumable resource, and the general production workshop, especially In the production environment with more CNC machine tools, the number of tools is huge, the components are quite complicated, and the information is numerous. Due to the needs of production and processing, a large number of tools frequently flow and exchange between the tool magazine and the machine tool and between the machine tool and the machine tool. . The traditional tool management records the information of the tool on the paper, or memorizes it in the human brain. The time is longer, the recorded information is easy to be lost, the information of the tool is difficult to grasp by different users, and the information management of the tool cannot keep up. The use of the tool is confusing, the waste of resources, the production efficiency is low, and the more serious result is that the deviation of the in-process product is too large, the process is deviated, and even the product is scrapped and the production cycle is affected. Establishing a complete tool database, including all the information of the tool system into the computer for management, it is imperative to establish a paperless tool management system.


5. personnel skills factors

In the process of purchasing CNC machine tools, especially imported machine tools, the technical and advanced nature of CNC machine tools, especially CNC systems, are quite high. The function selection of CNC machine tools is also very particular, and the better the better. However, after the equipment is installed and operated, its use effect is not satisfactory. The reason is that the use of CNC machine tools is more difficult than the use of ordinary machine tools. Because CNC machine tools are typical mechatronic products, it involves a wide range of knowledge, namely operation. The person should have a wider range of professional knowledge such as machine, electricity, liquid, gas, etc., so the quality requirements for the operator are very high. At present, a phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that there are more and more users of CNC machine tools, but the utilization rate of machine tools is not high. Of course, sometimes the production tasks are not full, but there is a more critical factor that the quality of CNC operators is not high enough. I don't know how to deal with some problems, which are often not found in the maintenance manual, and may not have been encountered before. This requires users to have higher quality, can calmly deal with problems, be clear-headed, have strong on-site judgment, and of course should have a solid CNC foundation.


The improvement of the overall quality of operators is not a one-off event, but it must be sustained for a long time. It should be accumulated in the future use. Another method worthy of trying is to visit some old users of similar machine tools. They have strong practical experience. , have the most say, can ask for their help, let them carry out certain training for the operator, this is the most effective way to improve the overall quality of the operator in a short time. At present, we are already familiar with the operation of the machine tool, but the knowledge of electrical and hydraulic surfaces is very weak.


6. Factors of product structure

(1) The specifications and dimensions of various types of parts are very different, and the versatility of machine tools and other process equipment is not high.


(2) Many companies are faced with production tasks of multiple varieties, small batches, and short production cycles.


This requires a high response speed of the process system.


(3) The product parts have complex structure and difficult processing.


(4) Thin wall, easy to produce processing deformation. There are a large number of thin-walled, deep-cavity structures, which are typical weak rigid structures.


(5) Difficulty in selecting tools and cutting parameters. As the development of the tool industry can not keep up with the development and application of new materials, and the lack of support for processing and cutting databases, how to choose the tool and scientific selection of processing parameters becomes a difficult point in the process technology.

Why is CNC machining inefficient? ALLES CNC takes you through the analysis.

Measures to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools


CNC machine tools are different from ordinary machine tools, and the method of managing ordinary machine tools cannot be copied to CNC machine tools. According to some years of management experience of some users who use CNC machine tools, it is proved that all units with more CNC machine tools are better in a relatively centralized management mode, that is, "professional management, centralized use". The technical preparation of the process is the responsibility of the plant process and technical department, and the production management is uniformly balanced by the tasks assigned by the factory. Conditional production methods that can be managed by computer integration. The computer manages the various operations and processing information required for the production of CNC machine tools, and implements information sharing to reduce production preparation time and optimize logistics routes, which can effectively improve productivity. In production practice, the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools depends to a large extent on the ratio of cutting time to the working time of CNC milling machine. The larger the ratio, the higher the production efficiency. In general, the methods to improve the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools are as follows:

First, the transformation of the understanding of numerical control technology, CNC technology is a comprehensive technology, in addition to CNC machine tools must also have the corresponding supporting technology and personnel support, especially in the process of CNC machining plays a decisive role, management personnel The technical capabilities of engineering and technical personnel, engineering maintenance personnel and operators will affect the production efficiency of CNC machine tools.


Second, develop effective tool management measures, such as pre-adjusting the tool to reduce the tool adjustment time on the machine, and manage the tool through the management system to reduce errors caused by manual management.


Third, since the selection of tooling fixtures is directly related to the installation time and measurement time of the workpiece, the management of the fixtures should be realized.

ALLES CNC believes that as long as the above factors affecting the improvement of CNC machining efficiency are optimized or solved, the numerical control machining efficiency will inevitably increase significantly. There is still a lot of meticulous work to be done to improve the efficiency of CNC machining, and more support from the management of the company is needed.

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