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Working Principle Of CNC Milling Machine

May 28, 2018

According to the technical requirements of parts shape, size, accuracy and surface roughness, the processing technology is selected and the processing parameters are selected. By programming manually or using CAM software to program automatically, the compiled machining program is input to the controller. After processing the processing program, the controller sends instructions to the servo device. The servo device sends out the control signal to the servo motor. The spindle motor rotates the cutter, and the servo motor controlled by X, Y and Z controls the cutting tool and workpiece to move relative to a certain track, so that the workpiece can be machined.

CNC milling machine is mainly composed of bed, milling head, vertical worktable, transverse saddle, lifting platform, electrical control system and so on. It can finish the basic milling, boring, drilling, tapping and automatic working cycle, and can process various kinds of complex cam, sample and die parts. The bed of the CNC milling machine is fixed on the base, which is used to install and support the various parts of the machine tool. There are color LCD displays, machine tool operation buttons and various switches and indicator lights on the console. The longitudinal worktable and transverse slide board are installed on the lifting platform, and the feed of X, Y and Z coordinates is completed through the drive of the longitudinal feed servo motor, the lateral feed servo motor and the vertical feed and down feed servo motor. The electrical cabinet is installed behind the column of the lathe body, which is equipped with an electrical control part.