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Workpiece Deformation, Pinch Injury And Dimension Instability Occur In Processing. What Should We Do?

May 31, 2019

Today, ALLES CNC shares a solution to the problem of workpiece deformation, pinch, dimension instability in NC machining.

Workpiece deformation, pinch injury and dimension instability occur in processing. What should we do?

The soft claw can ensure the repetitive positioning accuracy of the workpiece to the greatest extent, so that the center line of the workpiece can completely coincide with the center line of the spindle. The flat surface on the soft claw also ensures the length of the workpiece. Most importantly, the soft claw can fit the surface of the workpiece to the maximum extent. It can not only ensure the transmission of greater torque, but also avoid workpiece pinch. These advantages are incomparable with hard claws.

When making soft claws, we should pay attention to the following problems:

1. Selection of Soft Claw Material

Here "soft" means: good processing performance does not necessarily mean that the hardness of the workpiece must be lower than that of the workpiece.

(For mass production, the hardness of soft claw will have a great impact on the stability of processing. Choosing soft claw material with higher hardness than workpiece will not only improve the service life of soft claw, but also have a positive impact on the stability of processing.)

2. Selection of Soft Claw Size

Soft claws should hold at least one third of the length of the workpiece.

3. Installation position of soft claw on chuck

It is not allowed for any T-block to exceed the maximum diameter of chuck, so there will be a great safety risk.

4. Pressure and position when using claw trimmer

The recommended time pressure is close to that of workpiece processing, the chuck is in the active range during processing, and the direction of clamping force is the same as that of workpiece clamping force during claw repair.

5. The influence of chuck diameter and speed on clamping force

Because of the centrifugal force, the clamping force of chuck will be greatly reduced when it operates at high speed. Refer specifically to the instructions on the chuck.

6. Making inner holes of the same size as the diameter of the workpiece

Reduce the possibility of pinching workpiece

7. Adding the knife retracting groove

To ensure repetitive positioning of workpiece

8. Remove burrs and sharp corners from soft claws

Be careful not to scratch your hand

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