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Wuhan, Welcome To Return To The Team

Apr 10, 2020


At 0:00 on April 8th, the bell of Jianghanguan sounded, the whistle of the confidant sounded, the iconic buildings in Wuhan lighted up, the control of the Wuhan-Ehu channel was lifted, and Wuhan was officially restarted. We can finally say: Hello, Wuhan!

After 77 days, separated by 1284 hours, for the arrival of this moment, Wuhan citizens and we have waited for a long time. Before this moment, many people had relayed the map and lit Wuhan together!

Jiangcheng, who came back again, was like an old friend who had reunited for a long time. He wanted to welcome him warmly, but he could only say one thing. Do not come unharmed. It is also like a partner who is recovering from a serious illness, hoping that he will jump around alive, and only hope that he will slowly recover at his own pace and gradually recover.

From April 8 to the present, Wuhan has been unsealed for 48 hours. Today, we walked into Chuhe Han Street together. Through the camera, we saw a city wake up in the spring. When people walk on the street, when the shop reopens, when people walk in the streets, and see them, they can see the original appearance of life.

After an arduous "war epidemic", let us realize that those lives that Sikong has seen on weekdays are the most rare and ordinary happiness.

Happiness is a family shopping aimlessly, take a selfie, post a video, talk and laugh all the way, stop and go.


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