Customized Tube Plate Metal Sheet CNC Drilling and Milling Machine

Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining center is mainly suitable for processing complex parts such as plate, disk, mold and small shell. The vertical machining center can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads.

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Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining center

Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining centerAfter the workpiece is clamped once in the machining center, the digital control system can control the machine tool to automatically select and change tools according to different procedures, and automatically change the spindle speed, feed amount, and tool trajectory of the tool relative to the workpiece, and other auxiliary functions. Multi-process machining on several faces of the workpiece.

CNC spindle vertical machining center

CNC spindle vertical machining center The workpiece is easy to clamp and position; the cutting tool's movement trajectory is easy to observe, the debugging program is easy to check and measure, and problems can be found in time to stop processing or modification; cooling conditions are easy to establish, and the cutting fluid can directly reach the tool and the machining surface; The three coordinate axes coincide with the Cartesian coordinate system. It feels intuitive and consistent with the perspective of the pattern. Chips are easily removed and dropped to avoid scratching the processed surface. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, the structure is simple, the floor area is small, and the price is low.


Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining center

Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining center

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Professional quality self-testing equipment to determine the best prodncts.

Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining centerThe excellence of their own quality has been strongly supported by banks and governments.

Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining center

Steel structure CNC 3-axis machining center

Vertical machine centerUnitSpecs
Worktable Size (W×L)mm2750×400
T-slot sizemm18-100
Max loadkg500
Distance spindle axis to column guideway facemm500
Distance spindle nose to tablemm45-495
Feeding System
Rapid feed rate X/Y/Zm/min48
Cutting feed rangemm/min0-10000
Form guide
Specifications rail line X/YZ
Spindle System
Spindle speedrpm8000
Spindle model
Spindle motor powerkw7.5/11
ATC System
Number of tools
Max tool diameter/lengthmm80/300
Tool change times2.5
Positioning accuracymm0.001
Machine weight (approximately)kg5000

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