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Fixed CNC milling machine is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control.

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Fixed CNC milling machine

ALGMC6070D Fixed CNC milling machine is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control. Its structural features are fixed beam and table movable gantry milling machine. It has many functions such as boring, milling, drilling and tapping. It can be installed once and processed in multiple steps, greatly improving processing efficiency and processing quality, and has high rigidity and strength to ensure long-term stable operation.



Main Technical Parameters

Gantry width(mm)
Worktable load (KG)
Worktable size (mm)
T-slot width
X.Y.Z Axis
Travel (mm)
X axis guidebeamHGH30CA2R Roller
Y axis guideHGH30CA2R Roller
Z axis guideHGH30CA2R Roller
Y axis screw3210
X axis screw
Z axis screw3205
X.Y axis fast moving speed(no load)( mm/min)8000-15000
Z axis fast moving speed(mm/min)7000-10000
Fastest processing speed(mm/min)6000
Positioning accuracy(mm)±0.01/300
Re-positioning accuracy(mm)±0.01
SpindleSpindle motor power5.5KW
Spindle motor speedr/min18000
Spindle formDirect electric spindle
Spindle model brandER32
Nasal end to table distance (about)(mm)About20-320
Cooling formWater cooling
Machine weight (About)(T)
About 3T


ALGMC6070D Fixed CNC milling machine:

1. The vertical milling head is equipped with TX400 heavy-duty gantry milling head, double rectangular guide rail, strong rigidity;

2. Milling head mounted ball screw, pneumatic broach device, servo motor drive;

3. The side milling head is equipped with V5 type gantry milling head, equipped with independent lubrication device, and the lifting is driven by ordinary reducer, frequency conversion speed regulation;

4. Universal milling/CNC milling one-button conversion three-axis CNC system, which can be programmed and operated manually by the expansion panel, which is extremely implementable in the actual machining process;

5. The bed is advanced and retracted, the beam is up and down, and the vertical milling head is equipped with a Taiwan ball screw, which is driven by a servo motor;

6. With timing belt and synchronous wheel;

7. Hand-held electronic handwheel unit for easy three-axis tool setting.

Fixed CNC milling machine


Fixed CNC milling machine

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Fixed CNC milling machine

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Fixed CNC milling machine

Fixed CNC milling machine

Fixed CNC milling machine


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