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CNC machine engineer's voice

CNC machine engineer

There are such a group of people who exist to make customers feel good service.

An engineer profile: customer first

1. Highly educated and highly qualified personnel

Work hard

3. Depending on the customer

4. 24-hour online service, on-call overseas service

On the road to becoming an excellent engineer, I was bruised all over:

For a better future,

Have to work hard, happiness comes out of struggle!

Work around the clock

2. messy clothes

3. No holiday, no appointment with girlfriend

4. Everyone else is enjoying the weekend, playing games, playing, and working hard on their own

5. Send a text message to tell your girlfriend that Valentine's Day cannot be spent together, and you have to go abroad to repair the CNC machine.

6. At 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, get up online to guide foreign customers on CNC machine equipment problems.

7. Girlfriends who have been together for 12 years, engagement date, still choose to go abroad to solve customer problems.

8. Returning home, apologizing, girlfriend: "In 12 years, you have worked overtime, work, missed all holidays, anniversary, how long have we not watched a movie together?

A call from a customer, China flew to the United States,

"On the day of your engagement, you still flew abroad. Let's break up. All you care about is your CNC machine."

Boss: "The customer has called and agreed to sign a new project. I specifically called to thank you for your effort. It's great!"

"... Is it? Great."

"You got engaged ..."

9. Team Love